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Intel Blog – Cracking QSR Code For Restaurants and Customers

From Intel Blog March 2020  Written by Joe Jensen | February 24, 2020 In the ultra-competitive quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry, profit margins are often perilously thin, meaning margin for error is virtually nonexistent. Even for multinational brands operating on a huge scale, everything matters and the smallest inefficiencies can quickly snowball. With partners like Fingermark* and other world leaders… Read More »

The new Apple Stores show how compelling in-store can be

Apple is touting its newly redesigned Apple Stores, and they are indeed quite impressive. Conceding that the very nature of Apple’s stores (very limited inventory, complete control of key products, customers who walk in already willing to buy, etc.) makes them hard to compare with a Walmart, Target or Macy’s, they are demonstrating what an in-store experience can be like. Retailers would be well served to take note.


The product displays are trivially nicer, with deep wood colors, but what is striking is a 37-foot, high-resolution display (Apple Insider put the cost of the display alone at $1.5 million per store) that commands attention from passers-by to come into the store. It’s bold and bright and attention-demanding, which is a nice store-ization.

Self-Service Retail Kiosk & Consumer Behavior

Blog writeup from Olea Kiosk   JUNE 26, 2015 HOW SELF-SERVICE RETAIL KIOSKS CHANGE CONSUMER BEHAVIOR (FOR THE BETTER) Self-service checkout technologies are expanding rapidly as shoppers gravitate toward the convenience, efficiency, and small lines that are provided by self-service retail kiosks.  Based on a recent survey, 85% of Americanspolled stated that they have used a self-service checkout… Read More »