About Self Service Industry

Self-Service Industry!self-service

Self-Service is growing faster than perhaps any other industry. Much of the growth is due to the empowerment of individuals via mobile phones, digital IDs, and the digitizing of all aspects of consumers.  Much if not most of it is due to the financial impact to the bottom line of companies. Being able to serve more customer and serve the better and in more ways is critical baseline.

Types of Self-Service

  1. Unattended
  2. Attended
  3. Semi-attended

Semi-attended is found documented in Europe in their EMV guidelines. The U.S. does not have that distinction, legally.

Primary authentication and proxies are becoming automated.  The human interaction is more a secondary validation process, than the primary.  Machines take our drivers license and let us thru.  At some point a person might look to be sure.

New iterations of Self-Service include the BYOD which is Bring Your Own Device. This is becoming very popular with the improvements in internet infrastructure and cheaper and cheaper thin clients.

DIY is another growing group as well as health monitoring by patients in telemedicine environments.

The advent of high powered mobile devices with CPUs like SnapDragon and Cortex and Intel are the enablers.

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