Branding – The Power of Visual Branding

By | August 26, 2014

Visual Branding

Doesn’t matter how good your product is, if people don’t notice it or remember it, it will be a much tougher path to success.

integrate brand into everyday

Integrate your brand into the everyday context

Key Points

  • Brand images has instant meaning and cuts through a world of clutter
  • The convergence of the physical environment with online and mobile is creating new arenas to engage and create customer experiences.
  • Presence in the physical world is critical to the brand visibility, credibility, and reinforcing the customer’s experience with the brand.
  • Physical environment are critical to building the brand and its value proposition, in addition to generating the customer relationship and sales.
  • The physical environments provide information, human energy and touch points, which cannot be easily duplicated in the mobile or on-line worlds.

The Power of Visual Branding- Feb2014


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