How to Meet the Needs of Digital Customers Using Self Service – Self Service Central

By | August 22, 2014

Enter Now and Find Out How to Meet the Needs of Digital Customers Using Self Service and Ensure You Achieve the Best Possible Results for Your Efforts.


Today’s customer wants speed, efficiency and a solution in a single interaction. For the average company, meeting customer expectations is nearly impossible. With the traditional customer service models becoming increasingly expensive, many businesses have turned to digital self- service. Always fast and available, seventy percent of customers expect a self-service solution. However, in a constantly evolving online landscape, digital self-service is also changing. Because consumers are doing more and more business with each other, the future of customer service is in fact a future working with the customer. Crowd sourcing customer service provides a human dimension in a digitized society. Crowd service makes it possible to offer a broader range of services. It is often too expensive for a company to answer every customer question themselves, but when other customers help answer a specific question, the cost to the company is very limited.